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    Heart cremation Ashes urn
    Heart cremation Ashes urn

    Heart with beautiful pearlescent shine

    The Watford pearl heart Urn is an urn of high quality aluminum & solid brass. It is a hand cast and designed by skilled artisans. It has an elegant pearlescent shine. The heart rests on a…

    € 195,00
  • Free shipping (NL)

    Brass child urn with litle feet
    Brass child urn with litle feet

    Brass child urn in 3 colors Available in 3 colors.
    Urn with children's feet This Sutton Urn is of high quality and made of solid brass. It is a hand poured Urn and designed by skilled artisans. This brass children's urn is…

    € 155,00
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    Heart, star, drop-shaped child urn
    Heart, star, drop-shaped child urn

    Child urns teardrop-shaped available with star and heart Drop-shaped children's urn also available as a set The Tiverton Urn is a high quality aluminum urn. It is hand cast and intricate, hand crafted by skilled craftsmen. It has…

    € 149,00
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    Keepsake star (with stand)
    Keepsake star (with stand)

    Star Keepsake This Star keepsake is made of durable aluminum. It is hand cast and hand crafted by skilled artisans. Finished in a Pealised Blue. A token (very little) amount of ash can be safely recalled via a threaded security…

    € 55,00
  • Free shipping (NL)

    Bear Urn 1,8-3 liter
    Bear Urn 1,8-3 liter

    Bear Urn 1,8 or 3 liter various colors

    Beautiful children's urn as Teddy bear available in several colors and sizes Free Shipping Delivery time in stock at the workshop than 1-2 weeks, not in stock than 3-4 weeks ask us fot the…

    € 199,00
  • Free shipping (NL)

    Keepsake Bear with ribbons
    Keepsake Bear with ribbons

    Keepsake Bear a cuddly keepsake Keepsake Bear Ashes Urn makes a fitting and cuddly keepsake for those who just want a hug every so often.Our Keepsake Bear comes with a beautiful heart keepsake box to securely hold your loved ones…

    € 115,00
  • Free shipping (NL)

    Keepsake Bear with ribbon and text
    Keepsake Bear with ribbon and text

    Memory Bear fol holding keepsake or ashes

    The Memory Bear Ashes Urn/Keepsake makes a fitting and cuddly keepsake for those who just want a hug every so often. Standing 17" tall, this velvety brown furred teddy has a specially…

    € 135,00
  • Free shipping (NL)

    Child urn bronze
    Child urn bronze

    Salvaged tear drop ceramic urn with BronzeFree shipping
    h x w x d (19 x 14 x 11) cm.
    Delivery time 3-4 weeks

    Content 0.25 Liter
    Height 19 cm.
    Weight 0.8 Kilogram
    Suitable for outside No.

    Artist Geert Kunen has…

    € 309,00
  • Free shipping (NL)

    child urn bronze Enlightened
    child urn bronze Enlightened

    Urn "Enlightened Consolation"

    Butterfly: Transformation, immortal soul, resurrection

    The urns are modeled by hand from high-quality clay. During the baking process, they are provided with a liquid layer of bronze, which adheres…

    € 309,00
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Child Infant Cremation Urns

Child and Infant cremation urns 

Losing a child is a tragedy that breaks one's soul and is heart breaking. It is something extremely difficult to cope with.
It feels like you've lost a part of yourself as a parent. We hope to help you find a unique & personal child or infant urn, to help, make this loss a little more bearable. So that you have a personal place and keepsake, for treasured memories.

It is possible to collect the urn in Groningen (not during Covid 19) or we will sent it free of charge througout the Netherlands.
Belgium and Germany pay a additional fee. 

The amount of ashes of your deceased loved one that is released after cremation
The average amount of ashes released after an adult cremation is about 3 to 3.5 liters. The amount of ash depends on the type of wood of the box, the size of the box, the weight of the deceased, the bone structure and whether an object or objects are placed in the box. We apologize for explicitly naming these terms, we would like to inform you as well as possible and believe that this description is the most clear.

It is based on averages. You can contact your funeral director or crematorium to request the exact amount of ashes.

Baby and child urns Age Boy-    Girl -          Content

22 weeks              to 1 kilo to  1 kilo            0.15 liter
40 weeks              to 8.5 kilo   to 8.5 kilo     0.65 liter
1 year                  10 kilos      10 kilos         0.80 liters
2 years                 12 kilos      12 kilos        1.00 liters
3 years                 15 kilos      15 kilos        1.25 liters
4 years                 17 kilos      17 kilos        1.35 liters
5 years                 19 kilos      18 kilos        1.45 liters
6 years                 22 kilos      21 kilos        1.55 liters
7 years                 24 kilos      24 kilos        1.60 liters
8 years                 26 kilos      26 kilos        1.65 liters
9 years                 28 kilos      28 kilos        1.75 liters
10 years               31 kilos      35 kilos        1.85 liters
11 years               35 kilos      39 kilos        2.00 liters 
12 years               39 kilos      43 kilos        2.25 liters
13 years               45 kilos      48 kilos        2.40 liters 
14 years               52 kilos      52 kilos        2.60 liters 
15 years               57 kilos      2.80 liters    2.80 liters 
16 years               61 kilos      3.00 liters    3.00 liters


The filling of urns and ashes jewelry is entirely at your own risk. Memoriam Decorations provides these recommendations, but is not liable for opening or damaging these items.

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