How to fill your urn?

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In advance
Filling an urn requires a certain degree of accuracy. You are free to choose whether you want to fill the urn yourself or have it done by, for example: Your funeral attendant, funeral director, crematorium.

You can consult with your funeral director or crematorium at any time to see if it is possible for them to do this. Although there are often costs involved, In Memoriam Decoraties does not offer the possibility to have your urn or Ash jewelery filled.

Please note:

* Take your time to fill and glue an urn.

* Please read the instructions above quietly a few times before actually starting.

* Make sure you don't use a lot of glue with a wooden urn. Glue can affect the color of wood within seconds


* Bison Polymax (transparent silicone sealant, flexible and frost resistant)

* Sturdy plastic bag, with closure or tie rib to close the bag

* Mixture of water and detergent (prepare this in a container)

* Kitchen paper, Scissors

* Small screwdriver * Bubble wrap

or other filling material

* Needle or pin

Most ash canisters that you take home from the crematorium are closed with a lid. Place the ash sleeve on the table in front of you. Open the shaft sleeve with the small screwdriver, by gently inserting the screwdriver under the lid and moving gently up and down. Make sure not to tilt the shaft sleeve.

In the opened ash sleeve you will see (usually in a plastic bag) the ash with the ash stone (identity stone).

Place the plastic bag in the urn. Carefully pour the ashes into the plastic bag. Do this very carefully, as the ashes can dust. You can optionally add the ash stone to the ash. Close the plastic bag just above the shaft using the fastener or the tie rib.
Cut away the excess plastic. When a lot of empty space remains, you can fill it with bubble wrap or other filling material. The plastic bag with ashes can then no longer move back and forth in the urn.
Gluing the urn:

To prevent glue from sticking to the outside of the urn, you can moisten the outer rim of the urn and the outer rim lid with a mixture of water and washing-up liquid. Make sure that you do not wet the part of the urn to be glued, otherwise the glue will no longer adhere.

Coat the edges of the urn and the lid with glue. Don't use a lot of glue, but it's better to use a little bit of glue too much than too little!
When you have glued in the edges, moisten your fingers (a mixture of washing-up liquid, so that if glue gets on your fingers, it does not adhere directly to your fingers) and carefully place the lid in the right place on the urn.
Check that the lid is in the correct position, if so, gently press the lid on. It may happen that the lid is due to an air bubble that is in the urn


Make sure you fill the urn on a large enough sheet of paper and a flat surface so that the excess ash can easily be wiped together. For example, use a flat brush for this. Especially if you place the urn outside, we recommend that you glue or seal it. You can use a transparent silicone sealant for indoors. For outside we recommend transparent Poly Max kit from the brand BISON. Ecologically degradable urns cannot be glued.


We cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from filling and gluing. If you have any questions about filling or gluing, please contact us so that we can advise you. If you prefer not to fill the urn yourself, you can of course leave this to the crematorium or your funeral director.

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